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Get to know us: An Interview

Get to know us: An Interview

Get to Know the co-creators of Ritual Kitchen: Hannae & Sierra

What are your kitchen rituals?

Hannae: Every morning first thing I take a few drops of digestive bitters. Sprouting and soaking  grains and beans, Batch cooking a few days at a time, making nut milks, making and packing breakfast and lunch to take with me daily, stocking pantry with dried goods, spices, oils, and vinegars, buying in small amounts so things stay fresh, cleaning the fridge making sure nothing gets wasted - using produce before it's too late- keeping knives sharp and cast iron seasoned. 

Sierra:  Morning always starts with an herbal tonic, herbal tea with daily variety, collecting herbs for different foods, making herbal vinegars and oils, doing “handsy” tasks such as cracking walnuts, de-husking corn, de-stemming herbs, stringing flowers and herbs to dry, dehydrating excess foods, chopping garlic, picking veggies from the garden, soaking beans, cooking meals and…. dancing. Snacks carried with me always, snacks and a knife. Daily broth stirring. Handfuls of sprouts. 

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