About Sierra & Hannae

We are inspired by traditional healing and daily rituals. Daily ritual is a grounding force in our lives, from healing our bodies to supporting our life’s work. We have delved in to our roots and ancestral soils to reconcile ourselves as whole.

We are both land tenders in Coastal california, who met at a farmers market slinging veggies. We bonded over greens, beans, and copper cups. Our mutual farmer friend set us up as holistic health friends. We quickly discovered we were the sun and moon complimenting each other.

We are a holistic health coach and a holistic nutritionist, looking for companionship -in project,  collaboration and other badass women to organize with, in the community. We found that in each other and Ritual Kitchen was born.

We are actively building community at the intersections of food, health and social justice. We hold space for clients who come from many backgrounds but are inviting in  especially those who are marginalized by their socio-economic status. We want to feed the personal revolution and liberation of the people we serve in our practice.

We connect this with the larger evolution of health and healing in our culture. We envision a world where health and healing are inclusive to all bodies, people, lands, and ecosystems.


About ritual kitchen

Ritual Kitchen is a collaborative project between a holistic health coach and a holistic nutritionist. 

Our work consists of writings, workshops, Events, Pop up tonic bars, rituals, recipes, meal planning  and more.

We believe deep healing is supported by daily ritual and ancestral foods. 

Our work is to facilitate the liberation of all bodies.